Proramillenote srl
Produzione post-it personalizzati e blocknotes. Lavorazioni su misura, in PPL, PVC e Polipropilene
Direct production of customized memo notes, sticky notes, paper cubes, bespoke pvc, ppl, polypropylen items.

Mouse-pad Dynamic, your advertising moves on the desk! Bespoke shapes.

Mouse-pad with wristrest

Mouse-pad Dynamic is a futurist wrist rest mouse pad which doesn’t keep still on the desk but moves together with your hand.
For the first time ever your advertising is moving on the desk!
With Mouse-pad Dynamic you are no more obliged to keep changing your hand and wrist position because the mouse-pad follows you, furthermore, it is an ideal promotional item because your message is never hidden by the hand, as it happens with the traditional mouse-pads, because the mouse-pad and wrist rest move together with the mouse. Even if you don’t use a mouse-pad any more, you need a wrist rest in order to avoid the “mouse-pain” and prevent RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries)

• Full colors printing customization
• Wrist rest is soft, ergonomic and available in many standard colors
Bespoken shapes within cm 11 x 22


• Single packed in a bag with the instruction leaflet for simple assembly

Lowest quantity to run production 1000 pieces

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