Proramillenote srl
Produzione post-it personalizzati e blocknotes. Lavorazioni su misura, in PPL, PVC e Polipropilene
Direct production of customized memo notes, sticky notes, paper cubes, bespoke pvc, ppl, polypropylen items.

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Spilla luminosa

Promotional LED Pin, Flashing and light...

Auricolari in astuccio

Earphones, customized case

Penna Fill

Penna Fill, with liquids and floatings

Baby Penna with floatings and liquids

Baby Penna effetto "Slide", con...

Penna Panorama

Panorama, customizable background...

Transparent paperholder with gel

Transparent Kostil cubic paperholder....

USB flash drive with liquids

USB stick memory with liquids,...

Rendiresto con liquidi

Customized wristrest with liquids

Astuccio personalizzato

Pencil case studied for the Unicredit...

Mousepad with picture frame

Mousepad with picture frame or...

Mouse pad soft velvet

Mouse pad made of soft velvet...

Mouse pad with adhesive back

Mouse pad 20 x 23 cm with...

Memo Mouse pad

Memo mousepad, with transparent pocket,...

Ultrathin mousepad

Ultrathin mousepad customizable

Mousepad personal

Mousepad personal, customized with the...

Rendiresto in Kostil

Money change Tray, Kostil, customizable


Money change Tray, customizable article

Brogliaccio per farmacia

Drugstore shopping list, customized item

Wet wipes plastic cover

Wet wipes, refreshing and fragrant, in...

Wet wipes

Moist towelette, open TNT made,...

Orthodontic goniometer

Customized orthodontic goniometer

Peak flow meter

Peak flow meter, customized cardboard...


Pomfometer, customized dermatologic...

Orthopedic goniometer

Orthopedic promotional goniometer

Quaderno con spirale Basic

Notebook Wire-O, Basic, A5, cardboard...

Highlighter pen, drug imitation tube

Branded highlighter pen, drug imitation...

Pen, drug imitation tube

Branded pen, drug imitation tube....

Wire-O Memobook

Wire-O Memobook custom size

Diagonal traditional

Branded Diagonal Traditional Memopad

Diagonal Over size

Branded, tailor-made over size die...

Cardboard folders with double pocket

Custom cardboard folders with double...

Mouse-pad with liquids

Mouse-pad with liquids, choose...


Customized semispheric snowball, clear...

Binder in thermowelded PVC

Binder in thermowelded PVC with rings

Cd holder with liquids

Customizable CD holder with liquids

Hourglass with liquids

Hourglass with liquids, customized...

PVC folder

Taylor made PVC folder with clear pocket

Folder with shaped closure in PPL

Folder with shaped closure in PPL,...

Vertical envelope polyproplilene

Vertical envelope polyproplilene folder

Folder with closing band

Folder made of white or colored...

Raccoglitore in PVC

Customized PVC binders

Portablocco con molla

Taylor made clipboard, A4 memopad holder

Memopad holder A4/A5 with closure

Polypropilene Notepad holder A4, with...

Memopad holder A4/A5 with penholder

Polypropilene Notepad holder A4, A5...

Covered PVC clipboard A4/A5 with penholder

Covered PVC clipboard A4 with penholder

Polypropylene shopping bag

Polypropylene shopping bag

iPad case

IPad customized cover

Customized ceramic mud with surprising case

Customized ceramic cup with handle,...

Vets organizer

Vets organizer - tailor made

Polypropylene briefcase

Briefcase made of transparent or...

Desktop envelope holder

Desktop branded envelope holder

PPL boxes

Customized PPL boxes, archive or...

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