Proramillenote srl
Produzione post-it personalizzati e blocknotes. Lavorazioni su misura, in PPL, PVC e Polipropilene
Direct production of customized memo notes, sticky notes, paper cubes, bespoke pvc, ppl, polypropylen items.

Bespoke sticky Memotack crowner pocket notepad

Sticky crowner pocket Memotack

Bespoke sticky crowner pocket Memotack

Punched cover gets a crowner if folded
With repositionable adhesive Memotack paper notepad, fully customizable


• Customized digital or offset printing on cardboard cover can be added
• Glossy, opaque, soft touch lamination

• Punch it to use as a die-cut crowner shaped notepad


See the photo gallery to discover possible combinations and sizes

Minimum quantity to run production
500 pieces


Ask for bespoke creations
• Customer design
• Proramillenote design

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