Proramillenote srl
Produzione post-it personalizzati e blocknotes. Lavorazioni su misura, in PPL, PVC e Polipropilene
Direct production of customized memo notes, sticky notes, paper cubes, bespoke pvc, ppl, polypropylen items.

Polyonda briefcase

Polyonda briefcase

Briefcase made of polyonda mm 2,5 thick with colored plastic closing tab and handle; printable from 1 to 4 screen colours.
Available in different colours from 1.000 pieces.

Standard sizes available with 1 closing tab:
• MF003: mm 350x250x35
• MF005: mm 350x250x60
• MF032: mm 350x250x80
• MF020: mm 360x250x60
•  MF006: mm 380x280x55
• MF019: mm 388x277x80
• MF001: mm 400x300x60
• MF002: mm 325x205x110

Standard sizes available with 2 closing tabs:
• MF025: mm 350x250x60
• MF023: mm 389x289x100
• MF017: mm 600x400x60
• MF008: mm 970x600x80

Tailor made on request

100 pcs

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