Direct production of customized memo notes, sticky notes, paper cubes, bespoke pvc, ppl, polypropylen items.

Produzione diretta di block-notes personalizzati, block-notes in carta adesiva, cubi in carta, lavorazioni su misura, in PPL, PVC e Polipropilene

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Polypropylene branded counter display

Counter display

Counter displays, or cards-holder, transparent or coloured polypropylene, 0.8 mm thickness, interlocking mounted and available in different size:
• NW100289: mm 108x140x30
• MF310: mm 261x152x30
• NW100309: mm 200x205x80
• NW100315: mm 195x205x80
• MF295: mm 150x110x70
• NW295: mm 145x86x35
• NW327: mm 63x35x150
Printing from 1 to 4 colours, silkscreen or tab printing
Tailor made bespoke creations
MQO: 300 pcs

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