Direct production of customized memo notes, sticky notes, paper cubes, bespoke pvc, ppl, polypropylen items.

Produzione diretta di block-notes personalizzati, block-notes in carta adesiva, cubi in carta, lavorazioni su misura, in PPL, PVC e Polipropilene

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Tongue depressor. Wooden, sterile with certification. Rectangular case, 50 pz customizable with corporate logo. Specific medical and pediatric Gadget.

Tongue Depressor Wooden Sterile with certification Rectangular Case 50 pz

White square case 350 gr sqm cardboard
Full colors printed and bright laminated
Size mm 110 x 45 x 200
Containing 50 sterile (certification supplied) high quality wooden tongue depressor
Edges carefully finished
Singly wrapped in 1 or 2 colors printed white paper

Lowest quantity to run production 2.000 cases


Optional: sterilization

• TüV- CE
• Sterilization Certificate: Supplied
• Procedures required by the Italian Ministry of Health: acquitted by Proramillenote SCRL
• Certified European Agent

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